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Welcome to Monette's Uptown Home Daycare!

At Monette's Uptown Home Daycare, children DON'T WATCH TV, healthy meals are provided and cloth diapers are just fine. I'm a mother with two grown children and I just love caring for kids.
My favourite ages to care for are from 11 months up to 3 or 4 years old. I feel a real connection to the children I care for. I have over ten years of experience caring for children from 10 months up to 7 years.
Caring for children in my Home Daycare is my passion!

I provide children with easy and progressive learning through play. These daily activities are hands on, one-on-one teaching.
The big thing is that I talk to the children and have real interaction. I also feel that both parents and caregivers should optimize “everyday mathematics” in their interactions with young children. This means PURPOSEFUL mathematical play with toys, games, songs, poems and stories to help infants and toddlers learn about numbers and counting!

I let the children feel the love and affection with my attention to their individual needs and personalities. Your child will feel happy and comfortable in my bright and spacious daycare, using the whole main floor of my home. Plus, I have a large backyard that is fenced in and safe for your children. Check out below the photos of the playhouse, the swing and slide and all the space to run and play. There is plenty of singing and playing activities here. The children love getting out going on frequent trips to the library, the park and to community children's drop in centres. All this helps develop the cognitive abilities and their imagination. I put your children's safety and well being as my highest priorities.













• Ages cared for are from 11 months to 4 years

• Whole main floor is dedicated to daycare

• 5-Seater stroller (brand new) for daily outings (weather permitting)

• 3 Separate rooms for nap time

• No TV

• Cloth diapers are ok

• Breakfast served at 8am (Healthy variety, no boxed cereals.)

• Lunches and snacks are healthy balanced and with lots of
fresh fruits and vegetables

• No pre-packaged food. Meals are prepared fresh daily

• 10 years of experience taking care of children

• Only 5 spots for kids, so your child will always have my attention

• Lots of room to play inside and outside in a big backyard

• CPR and First Aid training

• Vulnerable Sector Police Check

• Non-smoking environment

• Full time spots available



Home Daycare provider's Healthy FoodWant Healthy Meals?

Snack time and meals are prepared fresh daily. Fresh fruits, vegetables and wholesome foods. Boring flavourless food is no where to be found. Kraft dinner and canned garbage is not on this menu. I wake early to ensure the meals are ready for when your children arrive. Variety is key to healthy kids and good appetites. Sorry parents, this is not take out for your lunch, it is only for the kids.


I look forward to meeting you and welcoming your child into Monette's Uptown Home Daycare. Call now to book an appointment to see my home daycare. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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