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5 Rules for Better Discipline


1. Commit Yourself.

It is very important that a child knows that when you say you will do something, you will do it. If you explain a certain punishment and then don't apply it, then you will have less credibility in the future. Commit to children’s discipline, and be consistent with behaviour towards them.


2. Establish Realistic Expectations of a Child.

Never tell a child to do anything he/she cannot do. Be sure that what is asked of a child is behaviour within his or her ability level. Otherwise a child will get frustrated and be less likely to listen in the future.


3. Define the Child's Motivator.

Try to figure out what your child values most. This may be a toy, a particular activity, or even a privilege like a car ride or staying up late. If you can control what can motivate the child, then you can control the behaviour more easily. Once you realize what a child values, then taking away this positive motivator (taking away the toy) or the introduction of a negative motivator (giving a time-out) becomes an effective form of discipline.


4. Have Predictable Consequences.

It's important for a child to understand that certain behaviours will result in the same outcomes. It is good for a child to feel like they have control over their life. When a child behaves in "Way A" we need to be sure that they will always get "Consequence B." If a child can count on the rules staying the same, they are more likely to follow them.


5. Think like a Child.

Explain your values in a way a child can understand. Take the time to talk to and explain the reasons why you are asking for certain behaviours. Once a child understands what kinds of behaviour needs to be avoided, then they are more likely to apply that same reasoning to different situations, instead of learning to stop one behaviour at a time.



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