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Discipline for Birth to 18 Months


More types of discipline tend to work, the older a child gets... until of course till they are teenagers when sometimes nothing works, but then that is far off and this won't happen to your little darlings. But all joking aside, there are a couple types of discipline that do work to varying degrees on very young children. Now, remember, discipline may sound like a harsh word but the act of discipline is really done out of love, so a child is not hurt (touching a hot pan), so a child will learn how to behave, etc. As a parent or caregiver, it is our role to raise children to be the best they can be. When there is no discipline, it is a dis-service to the child. This is not to say a child of any age should have an army drill sergant barking out orders. Far from it. Most Early Childhood experts believe that the best forms of discipline are not things like spanking or yelling, but rather Positive Reinforcement, Redirecting, Verbal Instruction/Explanation, Time-outs, Groundings, Establishment of Rules and Withholding Privileges. To one degree or another, I use all of these, except of course grounding.


For this age group, Birth to 18 months the 2 most effective forms of discipline are:


• Positive Reinforcement

• Redirecting


As children get closer to the 18 month age, some other forms can sometimes be used as well, depending on the situation and on the individual child.



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