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FAQ that Parents May Have for a Home Daycare Provider


How much do you charge for full time home daycare services?  See Rates


What do the rates include?

Home Daycare at my location includes breakfast, along with all the standard home daycare
services. Depending on spots available, I also can have part time and half day spots.
I try to be as flexible as possible, meeting the needs of your schedule.
Contracts are available to reserve your spot.


What are your hours?

We operate daily, Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 5:30pm.


Do you have a current First Aid / CPR certificate?

Yes, I have all my First Aid and CPR certificates and I have even put the first aid training to use when another caregiver's child was choking on cookies and when everyone else was frozen and in shock, I stepped up and saved the child. Afterwards the
co-ordinator at the swimming pool where this happened, offered me a job, although I declined.


What training or experience do you have?

I have Child Care training, CPR and First Aid training as well as experience. Also worth noting, the caregiver training was extremely hands on, even including what to do in a fire since our school also had fireman training. This included a mock simulation where I went into a smoke filled building and “saved” a 200+ lb man, with fire safety officials monitoring with an infrared camera. My experience is 6 years as a nanny caring for mostly toddlers ages 10 months to 3 years and also children 7 years old. Other experiences include working at a law office for several years and as a business woman with multiple small businesses, including a small restaurant in a mall and a school canteen business, personally preparing and feeding healthy sandwiches to hundreds of students daily.


Is your daycare smoke free?

Yes, this is a smoke-free environment.


How many children are you allowed to care for?

As a legal but unlicensed daycare provider, I am allowed to care for up to 5 children at one time under the age of 10 years old.

I only care for children who are close in age though. I do not want to mix older children with young ones. Many daycares also care for their own children which I believe means their attention may be compromised or they may in some cases, as is human nature, show a bias towards their own children. Since my children are grown and not living here, your children will get my full attention and I will be fair to all, without favouritism. For more information on the government regulations, you can click the link and read more. Child Care Licensing in Ontario.


Do you give receipts?

Yes. I provide receipts for everyone. All my income is declared with Revenue Canada. I issue weekly invoices every Friday for you to keep as your receipt. Plus a year-end tax receipt will be provided by February each year.


I want my child to use cloth diapers. Is this ok?Cloth diapers are ok at this Waterloo Home daycare. (photo from wikipedia).

Yes, many parents have discovered the advantages of cloth diapers. They have come along way in the past decades and the environmental benefits, along with benefits to your child plus the cost savings over the long term make them a viable option to consider. Monette's Uptown Home Daycare supports the use of cloth diapers. For more info on cloth diapers, do a Google search or check out Diapers (photo from Wikipedia).


How do you discipline children?

I use a variety of techniques depending on the individual needs and personality of the child and the age of the child. I always talk to and show love, but still I am firm when I use techniques such as Positive Reinforcement (lots of hugs and affection), Redirecting, Verbal Instructions and Explanation, Time-outs (rarely if ever, since this is for older children), Establishing Rules and Withholding Privileges.  Age Dependant Discipline Techniques  Birth to 18 months, 18 months to 3 years, 4 years to 12 years

There are some general rules that often work for discipline. 5 Rules for Better Discipline.

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