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Activities at Monette's Uptown Home Daycare


At Monette’s Uptown Home Daycare your child's safety, happiness and your peace of mind are very important. As well, we want to stimulate your child to help your child grow and develop through a variety of social, emotional, physical and intellectual experiences.5 Seater Stroller

PURPOSEFUL mathematical play with toys, games, songs, poems and stories will help infants and toddlers learn about numbers and counting! Much of this is something I have done with all the children I have cared for, but recently learned more about its importance through hearing about Donna Kotsopoulos and Joanne Lee from Wilfrid Laurier University. You can see their document here.


Math skills, learned at an early age can help just as much as language development, for the
future success of a child. I want to optimize mathematics daily in my interactions with young children. Some of my time will be to engage in purposeful play (versus play based learning).
I also make mathematics playful AND mathematize elements of play.



To do this I use mathematical language. Daycare Math and Counting

Counting words (e.g., one, two, three…)

Quantity words (e.g., how many, less than, more…)

Counting objects in an array or in sets

Cardinality words (i.e., asking a number in a set without counting)

   "Show me two bears"

Ordering numbers (e.g., What comes after three?)



Your child can learn and develop at his or her own pace.

Our daily routine includes breakfast, story time, singing songs, playing indoors, snacks (always healthy snacks), and often outdoor trips to libraries, parks and toddler and infant drop in centres. Before going out, or at the end of the day for children that are at least 17 months, we sing the "tidy up" song and the children learn to tidy up their toys. Even going to the library, the children know how to put their books away when it is time to go. They also learn to put on their jackets before going outside. I use a 5 seater stroller, (pictured above) with "stadium seating" that is great for the children. They are excited to go outside and play in our big backyard.


note: Limited TV at this Home Daycare Providers
There is NO Television here as I feel your children should use their imaginations and not be exposed to excessive commercialization.





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