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My Home Daycare Menu


Healthy Food!

That is so important to me because I know it is important to you and your child. Pop and junk food, sugar and salt are NOT on my menu. Whole foods, fresh foods, foods with little or no processing is important in this daycare. Healthy choices can be established at a young age and encouraging your children to want vegetables and fruits can have life long positive effects.


With children's meals I always see to it that the meal choices combine vegetables and fruit, milk and alternatives, grain products, and meat and alternatives. A proper balanced diet is essential for good development of a healthy mind and body. This can sometimes be hard as some children can be picky eaters. Here at Monette's Uptown Home Daycare, I have plenty of experience helping even the pickiest eaters eat well. They will love the delicious food I prepare and the creative ways I can encourage them to finish their meal.


Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day and with the hectic pace of many families, parent's often struggle to give a healthy meal to their kids. This is one reason why I start my day serving breakfast to the children in my home daycare. This is one less stressful duty that parents can leave to me. The other reason for serving breakfast is so I can monitor the food the children are eating to make sure their diet does not cause them stomach discomfort or  imbalance.


Healthy Food at Monette's Uptown Home DaycareFoods like blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, yogurt, home made pancakes, crepes, waffles with fruits and vegetables mixed in, chopped up carrots, broccoli, tofu, fish, chicken and raisin bread are just some of what is on my menu. Much of my shopping is at farmer's markets for fresh foods and with an eye out for healthy, fresh and when possible, organic foods. Milk (3.25% homo organic or supplied formula) and water is often better than the high sugar content of juices, so I do not serve juice here.


Rest assured that healthy food choices are what is on the menu at Monette's Uptown Home Daycare.

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